Empyrion Multiplayer Dedicated Server

Maintained by Unknown Skies Gaming


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Website: https://unknownskies.net/

Main Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/ZwhYctu

  • Read rules and Such in the Welcome channel!

Vote Link - Pegasus Server: Click Here

  • Supports 70 Players Max
  • Mass, Volume, CPU Disabled
  • Class 8.49 Max in PvE, 5.49 Max in PvP
  • Almost Entirely custom PDA with Team Missions, Reworked Tutorial, Server information, Commands list, EASY Voting, and more!
  • Gold is Mostly Exclusive to PvP with Mods driving a Usable Economy
  • Mods Available are:
  • Backpack - 3 Backpacks that carry in between Wipes
  • Faction Bank - Share items with Faction Mates
  • VoteRewards - Get rewards for Voting for the server
  • BuyShip - Buy Webstore Ships with In Game Credits (Ranging from 5,000,000 Credits to 190,000,000 Credits)
  • BuyKit - Buy Webstore Kits, Alien Cores, and All sorts of other Stuff with In Game Credits (Ranging from 5,000,000 Credits to 70,000,000 Credits)
  • Foodstamps Mod - Get Free Beer, Wine, Cheese, and ERP’s Every 1st and 15th of the month.  This mod also allows for Emergency Delivery of goods in case of a server crash or Game bug that causes problems.  
  • MaxLevel Mod - Pay 30,000,000 Credits for instant Max level
  • Recycler - You can Instantly recycle Ships, Bases And Space Stations easily and get back your blocks!
  • Finish Blueprint Mod - Pay 2,000,000 Credits to Instantly Finish your Blueprint
  • Factory Recovery Mod - Recover Every resource from your factory
  • Marketplace Mod - WORK IN PROGRESS - Sell Ore and items to the United States Galactic Network for Credits.  Market is reactive and responds to Supply/Demand daily.  
  • Help Mod - Shows players a help file in a popup window
  • EAH - FULL Empyrion Admin Helper Integrated
  • Stack Size - 50k
  • Solar Panels - 30 max
  • Ballistics Based hand held weapons work Underwater
  • Crushed Stone - Modified Recipes to Allow Crushed stone to be used to produce ALL ores but gold
  • Old School Items like Oxygen generator and Hydrogen generator can be manufactured


Pegasus Server Status